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Visitor Policy

Carris Health is committed to protecting the health and safety of our patients, staff and visitors. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to have visitor restrictions at our hospitals and clinics.

Up to two healthy adult visitors will be allowed per adult and minor patient for Inpatient and Emergency Department settings.

All other settings, including clinics, remain at one healthy adult visitor per adult patient and two healthy adult visitors for minor patients. All visitors must wear masks and will be screened daily.

In the hospital and emergency department setting:

  • Visitor(s) must be designated and be the same person throughout the hospital stay.
  • Minor patient visitors may include adoptive parents and intended parents following an established quarantine period.
  • Visitor policy for patients at the end of life:
    • Limited to immediate family/significant others.
    • Visitor can be under the age of 18, if escorted by an adult.
    • Additional visitors may be allowed if approved by unit charge nurse or appropriate director.
  • Visitor(s) can be recovering COVID positive, if no symptoms and more than 10 days since initial diagnosis, and be approved by unit charge nurse or appropriate director, and must be masked with medical grade mask.

There are some exceptions and separate guidance for certain patient groups. Please talk to your care team about special circumstances.

These guidelines do not pertain to our long-term care facilities because of different regulations for vulnerable populations.